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guidestar-silver-decalAMIBA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities and local entrepreneurs thrive. We help local groups implement programs that nurture entrepreneurship, prevent the displacement of local independent businesses, and build more prosperous and durable local economies. Our support already has made the difference between failure and success for many local organizations, while building a broader Localization Movement to change destructive trends of centralizing ever-more power in fewer hands.

Your gift will go to work:

independents-comparative-2012-2014-sales-increase-forPres-01Building a more diverse and inclusive Localization Movement. A pilot project to create a model for greater engagement of Latino (and other ethnic) entrepreneurs in local Alliances is a top priority. We now just need seed funding to execute the pilot project (in partnership with our Albuquerque affiliate) and create materials to facilitate successful broader replication.

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Help us reach new generations who influence their parents’ spending and will become tomorrow’s force for building more vibrant communities!

Helping pro-local community organizations fundraise more effectively and build sound organizations, including direct assistance with securing grants and sponsorships.This is an essential component of building a strong Movement, and one not served by anyone else.

Increasing national presence and shifting policy. After years of background work, we helped form Advocates for Independent Business (AIB), a new coalition of trade associations and allied groups dedicated to helping independent businesses and communities thrive. AIB will provide a badly-needed voice to counter the armies of corporate interest groups presently skewing policy against the interests of communities and small business.

Your Donation to AMIBA Yields a Huge Return. How many groups become national leaders in their field with a budget of less than $200,000? We know there are many deserving groups vying for your donation, and we want you to know how efficient we are at turning your contribution into positive change. Our IRS filings are available via Guidestar’s charity database. AMIBA is a 501c3 educational organization–gifts are tax-deductible.


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If you prefer to donate by check, send
your tax-deductible gift to:
222 South Black Ave.
Bozeman, MT 59715 

We also accept contributions of stock, securities and other legacy gifts and vehicle donations (contact us for more information).

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