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Strength in Numbers, September 2015 Strength in Numbers, September 2015

Strength in Numbers, September 2015

Planning Now = Effective Holiday Events and Campaigns! What’s your event and promotional strategy for this season? While many of you have started preparing already, it’s time to start if not. Planning ahead helps build engagement and more effective campaigns, so we encourage you to explore AMIBA’s growing collection of articles, graphics, activities and other items to help local businesses and organizations effectively spread the pro local / independent business message during the holiday season. Small Business Saturday Opportunity The 6th annual Small Business Saturday is Nov. 28, and American Express invites you to register now to become a Neighborhood Champion. Registrants will receive an event kit containing Shop Small shopping bags, balloons, and other items to help you ki ...

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Strength in Numbers, September 2015
Get Connected with Other Local Business Advocates in Your Area! Get Connected with Other Local Business Advocates in Your Area!

Get Connected with Other Local Business Advocates in Your Area!

Plotted below are communities from which people contacted AMIBA with interest in developing various pro-local business initiatives. If you’d like to meet someone shown near you, briefly note your interest and contact information and we’ll email your neighbors, inviting them to contact you. Whether or not you engage us again is entirely up to you — we just want to make useful connections to build the Localization Movement.


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Get Connected with Other Local Business Advocates in Your Area!
The Myth of The Franchise Advantage The Myth of The Franchise Advantage

The Myth of The Franchise Advantage

To people considering opening a business, a primary reason for considering a franchise, as opposed to opening an independent business, is safety. The trade-off for sacrificing some control of how they run the business is a known brand, the marketing, support from corporate headquarters, and other services they expect will increase their chances odds of success.


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The Myth of The Franchise Advantage

Because Community Matters

Think of your favorite shop, restaurant, farm or service provider. We’ll bet it’s a homegrown business. Independent locally-owned businesses are essential to a vital local economy and community character. They’re where the locals go. They’re owned by our friends and neighbors, or maybe even by you. Community-serving businesses are the backbone of local economies, civic life, local charities, and wealth creation for millions of citizens, as well as a training ground for future generations of entrepreneurs.

IBA branding and promotion elevate the collective profile of local indies
IBA members learn from each other and build interdependence
Oakland Grown helps ensure the voice of local independent business is heard
Independent businesses in IBA communities fare better than those without
Public education is a primary IBA activity
Supporting local businesses builds a stronger, more self-reliant local economy
Indie businesses keep community character alive

Problem: Today, independent businesses face unprecedented competition from larger chain competitors, internet merchants and franchises that enjoy national or international branding power and major economies of scale. As a result, community-based businesses comprise a smaller portion of our economy than ever before. We’ll lose much more than places to shop, dine or do business if we allow current trends to continue.

A Proven Solution: Many cities and towns have discovered a model, pioneered by the staff of the American Independent Business Alliance, to counter these trends successfully and help local entrepreneurs thrive. More than 85 communities in North America now boast Independent Business Alliances* to unite independent businesses across all sectors, along with concerned citizens to build vibrant, durable local economies.

AMIBA can help you use our models to implement an effective buy local campaign or IBA, pass pro-local policies, and more. There truly is strength in numbers. Learn more about benefits of AMIBA affiliation or the four realms of IBA work. You’ll love what an IBA can do for your business or community!

Joining AMIBA has been one of the best investments that we have ever made… Your knowledge on how to help us build the right partnerships is invaluable.

Ingrid Ault

Executive Director, Think Local First Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor, MI

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